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Watches have been faithful accessories of people for decades and fortunately they always come back in new designs. Whether classic, digital or vintage, there is always a model that is a must-have at the moment.

Today we show you the current watch trends for men and how you can still find a suitable watch for you or your loved one this year.


Let’s start with the latest trend: The world is becoming more and more modern – so why not the classic watch as well. Smartwatches. This digital wristwatch can be connected to your smartphone. In addition to reading just the time, you can monitor your health (e.g. checking your pulse, monitoring your blood pressure, etc.) and you can even text. Smartwatches look very stylish and simple, a must-have for any minimalist.

However, some disadvantages are that you have to charge them daily with a special charging station so that you can use them permanently. Also, the screen of the Watch may be too small for people who have big fingers.


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Vintage watches are those watches that were made 25-30 years ago. Vintage is becoming more and more trendy, then why not just get a wristwatch in this style? There is also a suitable model for everyone here. If you do want something more modern, grab a retro watch. These are mostly old watch models that have been recreated and reissued.

Even such ‘antique’ accessories can be worn in the normal everyday life, don’t be shy about it. Since these watches are made from high quality materials, they don’t get easily damaged and can stay in good condition for even longer.

Classical Watches

Nothing beats the classics. If you wear one of these watches, you will never do anything wrong. They are dressy and do not attract much attention, yet they are noticeable and stylish. The design without superfluous decorations looks light and elegant. That is why this model is much more long-lasting than other watch models- and designs.

Even though they look very modest, these watches are made of good materials and have a terrific finish. The pleasant feeling of wearing it speaks all more in favor of a Classy Watch. Moreover, this model combines well with all outfit trends. A simple but timeless it-piece that will always remain in fashion.


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Sport Watches

Sports watches not only look good, they also have a lot to offer! Besides the very discreet style, they are made especially for the active lifestyle. Whether it’s jogging, cycling or swimming, these watches do it all. Even during a normal workout, they help you track your physical activities – so you don’t have to track it yourself.

With so many different features, you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. Not only do they guard your performance and monitor your heart rate, they can also help you determine your speed – of course, they can do so much more, which is why they’re a must-have for all athletes out there!

Now that you know some of the watch trends, start looking for a suitable piece. Online or in in-real-life-stores you can always find something fitting. Now don’t waste any time and have fun shopping for watches!

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