So the next barbecue party will be a success!

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Burgers, steaks, sausages or veggie skewers? How many side dishes should I offer? Have you thought of everything for your barbecue? To make it a complete success, you can read here what is important at a good barbecue. 

A good grill party requires structured planning. Marinate the food the day before so that the taste can unfold. A herb marinade with garlic goes very well with lamb, while shrimps taste great with a fresh lemon and chilli marinade. Think also of the guests who don’t eat meat. Vegetarian grills, such as grilled cheese or tofu, are available in every supermarket today. In addition, grilled vegetables are always very popular, even meat fans don’t say no! But watch out: To prevent the vegetables from burning on the grill, it is better to brush them with oil beforehand. The sauces also taste better if they were made the day before. On the day of the party you only have to buy fresh bread and make the salads. The rest can easily be bought and prepared the day before. We also recommend to do this, because you will have less stress on the day of the party.

Sausages and steaks belong to the classics on the grill. If you really want to surprise your guests, invite them to a burger grill party. Prepare the patties and put all the ingredients on the buffet: Rolls, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, salad, bacon and sauces. So every guest can choose his burger according to his mood.


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What else should be considered?

Invite your guests in time so that many can come. Choose a barbecue location that is weatherproof. Then the rain can’t put a spoke in your wheelchair. Make sure you have enough crockery, cutlery and glasses and enough seating. Afterwards you should dedicate yourself to the grill and the accessories: clean, prepare and prepare. Another important point is the correct calculation of the quantities: expect 2 litres of non-alcoholic drinks per person and enough alcoholic drinks. Think of a cosy decoration: candles, lamps, pillows, flowers and herbs always give a cosy picture. Prepare the salads and dips and cool the drinks, important here: think of ice cubes! At the end you only have to light the grill and enjoy the evening.

Cherry on the cream cake

If you want your barbecue party to be a real highlight, you can also provide finger food before the barbecue and sweet temptations after the barbecue. It can take some time until all the guests are there or the charcoal has the right temperature. You can charmingly bridge waiting times with a small finger food snack: great skewers with melon and ham, small glasses with salad or small cheese skewers are suitable for this. We also have a few tips for a sweet finish after the barbecue: How about back bananas, pineapple rings with honey or the classic marshmallows? Here you can let your imagination run wild. Have fun!


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