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Chemistry was yesterday – with these household remedies you will shine all by yourself

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Surely everyone has the odd product or two at home where you don’t really know what’s inside. Nevertheless you use them. Meanwhile, there are numerous reports that want to educate people about this and show the consequences of using such products. We from the editorial staff wondered why always spend a lot of money, only to be left in the dark after all? That is why we are showing you five household remedies today that really help and are also healthy.

Apple vinegar for the skin, an egg for the hair and honey for the lips. Everybody has heard about them somehow. At first sight it sounds like a bad joke. But the one or other thing actually helps. We will show you some.

Lips are for kissing

At least that is what Cliff Richard sings in one of his songs. Whether this is true or not can be answered by everyone for himself. If you agree, soft, well-groomed lips are an absolute must. We have something for that – honey. It contains substances like vitamins, proteins and minerals. They work in the upper layer of skin and also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Rapunzel let your hair down

To have long or even short groomed hair, it needs a lot of care. But please do not start by massaging eggs into your hair. This is only a myth. Use coconut oil instead. It moisturises your tips, which means you have less split ends and your hair looks softer and fuller.

Coconut oil not only tastes delicious, it is also a true beauty all-rounder. (Source: pexels / Dana Tentis)

And her skin – as white as snow…

Who would not like to have such beautiful skin as Snow White. That is actually not so difficult. What helps here are face masks made of quark. This is mainly because they have a cooling effect due to their storage. In addition, proteins support the healing process, which is why curd cheese is also recommended for sunburn or insect bites.

Olive oil makes your skin soft and smooth. (Source: pexels / Pixabay)

Another natural helper is olive oil. Thanks to its enzymes, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect and the vitamin E it contains makes the skin elastic and thus has an anti-aging effect. Olive oil is also excellent for the hands. Rub your hands overnight with it and put on a disposable glove. The next morning you will be delighted.

If you like bathing, add 1-2 litres of milk at the end. The lactic acid makes the skin wonderfully soft and the fat it contains has a refatting effect.

No matter whether you have a lot of time or not, there is something for everyone in these household remedies. So try them out and we promise you will be surprised what such simple preparations can achieve.

Source Cover Image: pexels / Daria Shevtsova

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