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Knitted dresses, tweed and earthy colors like brown, red and green – these trends thrilled us last fall and winter. But that’s over now, because the flowers are sprouting and the first rays of sunshine are showing. Many fashion lovers are wondering which dresses and skirts will be the absolute hit in spring 2022?

Every year the same procedure: as soon as a season comes to an end, a new fashion trend is right around the corner. Especially the change from winter to spring fashion screams for a big change. It’s not unusual that the question arises, what clothes to wear in the coming season.


In spring 2022 we will find more and more high-necked dresses on the streets. These can be combined with practically anything and always create a feminine, elegant look. However, they go especially well with boots and ankle boots.

With the first warmer temperatures, fashion designers are increasingly focusing on transparency. We find thin chiffon fabrics, mesh and synthetics in tops, but of course also in short and long dresses. The dresses look especially beautiful in subtle colors like white or black.

If you like it a little more playful, you should go for a dress with long fringes. These embellishments go best with dresses that have a straight, not too tight cut. It is also important that the fringes should be the focus: Flashy accessories do not look so good next to these dresses.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Street One (@mystreetone)



Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Street One (@mystreetone)

Already last season midi skirts were totally in – then in combination with sweatshirts and sweaters. In spring they come back and can be worn this time with tops or summer shirts. When it comes to shoes, the combination of the midi skirt with pumps and loafers looks especially good.

In addition to the midi skirt, the maxi skirt, which was particularly popular in the nineties, is also making a comeback this spring. Today it works as that certain something that gives the casual everyday outfit more glamour. Combine the maxi skirt with a hoodie or a leather jacket, for example. As back in the 90s, flat shoes with platform soles also go great with the skirt.

Lastly, in spring we welcome the cargo skirt as a new variation of the cargo pants, contrasting functionality and a feminine silhouette. Like the pants version, the cargo skirt comes with large pockets, sturdy fabric and muted camouflage colors. Furthermore, they are characterized by a graceful midi length and their waist fit.


Among the materials, mesh fabrics are particularly popular at the moment. The transparency trend promotes the comeback of lace, but also the use of mesh or crochet designs. Among dresses, however, satin remains popular, because the fine character of the material particularly emphasizes the femininity of the woman wearing it.

When it comes to designs, prints are especially in. As in previous years, we enjoy stripes, checks and polka dots. These patterns are also welcome to be mixed with each other – and they should appear in color. Black and white stripes are nowhere near as interesting as gaudy patterns made up of several different colors.

Even plain dresses and skirts are as colorful as possible this season. Color blocking is just as possible as the combination of a bright color with a neutral one. Bright colors and pastel shades also go together just perfectly, if they come from the same color family.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Street One (@mystreetone)

If you do not like bright tones, you can think about white. Because in the coming spring and summer, this is the absolute trend color! Not only dresses and skirts, but also shoes, bags, jackets and pants are now preferably worn in white. Maybe the two color trends white and colorful even find together one day – we stay tuned.

As in every year, most people long for spring – and not only because of the warm weather and the many hours of sunshine. Spring has a lot to offer in terms of fashion. The good thing is, most dresses and skirts can be worn at colder temperatures perfectly with tights.



Source Cover Image: Unsplash / Marcus Loke

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