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It’s all about food – The Food Trends 2020

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Who would have thought that the meals posted would be of any use. Based on online mentions in German, Brandwatch conducted a study to find out how shopping behaviour has changed and what general trends have emerged.

The digital consumer intelligence company looked at various markers in social networks for more than half a year to find out what changes are taking place with regard to the most beautiful thing in the world – food.

From Emojis to Hashtags

Food triggers emotions in us. In the meantime, emojis have become established in correspondence. From funny smileys to weather icons and national flags. Of course there are also numerous food emojis. In the study we therefore looked at which of them are among the top emojis.

The most popular food emojis from 01 January – 31 July (Source: Brandwatch Consumer Research)

As everyone knows, hashtags are part of good mail. The top 5 at Instagram are “food”, “foodporn”, “vegan”, “delicious” and “foodblogger”. On Twitter, “food”, “foodporn”, “nutrition”, “vegan” and “foodie” occupied the top five places.

And speaking of social networks: On Instagram (42%), the most talked about are nutrition issues. Twitter (28%) takes second place and news sites (18%) take third place. Compared to 2019 2020, more is talked about lunch and dinner and less about snacks and breakfast.

Vegan – what else?

This eating habits is a particularly frequent topic of discussion – as many as 325,000 times. It is therefore not surprising that meat alternatives and other substitute products are also very popular. Compared to last year, the number of discussions has increased by 22%. It is clear that mostly positive associations are associated with the topic.

One meat alternative in particular is very popular – tofu. In 2nd and 3rd place are seitan and lupines.

In the case of milk, oat milk, almond milk and coconut milk

What is actually eaten and drunk?

What do cake, salad and bread have in common? These three foods are the most popular in the German-language postings. And what is the most popular among the drinks? Clearly coffee. Discussions about the wake-up call rose by almost 55% in March. This is followed by wine and tea by a wide margin.

Eines der beliebtesten Gerichte, ist und bleibt der Kuchen. (Quelle: unsplash /

One of the most popular dishes, is and remains the cake. (Source: unsplash / Henry Be)

What would a bowl be without the enchanting toppings. (Source: unsplash / Milada Vigerova)

Bowls, Bowls and even more Bowls

Bowls have found great popularity. Besides smoothiebowls, variations with porrige are also popular. The toppings are mostly represented by various superfoods. The top 3 are avocados, blueberries and ginger. Sesame, chia seeds and turmeric are also in the top 10.

Delivery and Ordering Services

One thing that has been massively increased by the lockdown is delivery and ordering services.

Amazon, for example, has recorded a 444% increase in mentions, the Rewe delivery service is just under this figure at 420% and talks about Bringmeister are up 270%.

Corona has had a massive influence on food trends. But we also noticed a change in the way we eat. Have you also found yourself in one or the other thing?

Source Cover Image: unsplash / Julio Rivera

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