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Chocolate Advent calendars are history – this is how Advent becomes even more beautiful

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Soon it will be time again to open the first door of our Advent calendar. This is the beginning of the most beautiful time of the year – the Christmas season. Well, maybe some of you are already listening to Christmas music or have already placed the appropriate decoration in your home. But the real start is actually only with the Advent calendar. How about a homemade one?

Many people consider buying an Advent calendar. Okay, yes, you can do that. There are also really cool ones. However, we at the editorial office are convinced that the one you buy is not nearly as great as one that comes from the heart. One where the other person has really thought about what might be the right gift for you. So that the whole thing doesn’t become a pure mess, we present you 3 different topics today, which you can use as orientation for the creation.


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1. Where is the recipe for the biscuits we love?

The lucky one loves to bake or cook? Then divide a recipe into 24 little doors. Every day, the person finds an ingredient and on the 24th, he or she receives the recipe. It is best to use long-life ingredients or to put vouchers for fresh food in the bags. If you don’t know such a long recipe, you can also make two. One ends on Nikolaus and the other on Christmas Eve.

2. I pack my suitcase and take it with me…

You have planned a holiday or a short trip? Perfect! Pack various travel accessories behind the individual doors. We’re thinking of things that you should always have with you on a trip, e.g. toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, adhesive plasters or even an umbrella.

If you have not planned a trip, that is no problem. You can then present them with a trip for Christmas.

3. Gonna make this garden grow

You know someone who has become a Plant Mom or Dad through Corona. Then this is exactly the right thing for them. Put something behind every door that you need for plant care. There is also a garden or a bed? Perfect! Then you can also put some seeds in it.

Whatever idea you have, just tinker with it. The person who receives the Advent calendar will definitely be pleased. If you’re not really into surprises, you can make one yourself.

Source Cover Image: unsplash / Markus Spiske


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