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Upcycling instead of recycling – but what does that mean exactly? Upcycling, like recycling, is a form of reuse. But the key here is that the trash is changed into something new and is not destroyed for its raw materials.

Upcycling is now also finally on the trend bandwagon. We have waited long enough for this! With this reuse method, old and unused things get another chance to be used.


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Many have different motivations and reasons for starting upcycling, but most have the same intentions: the environment and how to help our earth.

You save a lot of money when you upcycle because you don’t have to buy new products. Why get something new when you already have it at home?

Besides the money, creativity can also be encouraged. As it involves planning, manual work and a certain amount of dexterity, this is a good creative project. You can begin with small things and then try something bigger with each new attempt.

Even clothes can be reused and changed! The experts can upcycle shoes – what a great hobby.


Another advantage is the reduction of landfill waste. Since the trash is not thrown away and is modified while in its current state, there is less trash in the dumps! It also spares natural resources.

During recycling, the material is broken down into its constituent components and the individual raw materials are reused. Recycling means when the object is first counted as waste. If not, it is only counted just as reuse – but recycling and reuse go hand in hand.

Now the question is: Upcycling or recycling? Which method fits better in which situations? Upcycling is for longer use and is useful if you really want to keep things. But if you really don’t need them anymore, recycling is the best option.


Terracotta means ” fired clay” and describes ancient ceramic pieces. The terracotta colour scheme is rather simple and kept in clear colours – brownish, yellowish, reddish and orange undertones fit well here. The motto here: Turn old into new! It sounds much more complicated than it really is.

Old vases and jars are super simple items that can be embellished.

Materials needed

  • Baking soda
  • Acrylic paint (or chalk paint)
  • Paintbrush
  • Vase or jar

Pour the paint into a container and add about two to three teaspoons of baking powder. Then you can stir the mixture with a brush until it is frothy.

The vases and/or vessels can now be painted. Depending on the style you prefer, you can apply a smooth or uneven coat.

Usually one coat is not enough, so the vases should get one or two more coats of paint after drying.


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Upcycling and recycling are good options to reuse old items of value – no matter in which way. In this way, everyone can help our planet in the long run. Maybe upcycling could be a good weekend project!

Source cover image: Unsplash / Julietta Watson

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