Plastic straws are out, we show you the best alternatives

Plastic straws are, like plastic drinking cups, so-called disposable plastics. After a single use, we throw them away – at a time when our environment is already sinking into plastic. Environmental protection is more important than ever before, and finally the politics are reacting with a legislative proposal to curb the flood of plastic. Soon a life without plastic could be possible. But every household can already take a small step into a greener future – the plastic straw holder alternatives.

A straw needs to be in a delicious cocktail, but the alternatives are also worth seeing. There is for example the edible straw made of corn starch, in different flavours, suitable for every cold drink. The stainless steel straw is particularly elegant. Their smooth surface makes them easy to clean and recycle. A stainless steel straw enhances every drink and is the absolute eye-catcher at every cocktail party. The plastic-free straws are now available in various colours and shapes.


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The classic among the alternatives: the bamboo straw: the natural material has an antibacterial effect and is biodegradable. Bamboo is now used in many sustainable products as a rapidly renewable raw material. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to clean the bamboo stem, but you can dispose of it on your compost heap. The last and probably prettiest alternative is paper drinking straws. This trend is now available in every furniture store and girls’ party shop. But be careful, the production of these colourful things requires a lot of resources and the use of chemicals.


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So if you don’t want to do without your straw entirely, you can choose an alternative in the future. Every alternative has its advantages and disadvantages and should be weighed up.


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