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Your wardrobe is overflowing and every day you have to go through the clothing chaos and don’t even know what to wear anymore? We’ll help you reduce your clutter so that you have a good collection of essentials for a well-combinable wardrobe.

Fast fashion for little money and the ever-changing trends sometimes make it hard for us to buy NO new clothes. You can probably see the result in your bedroom – a full wardrobe but still nothing to wear.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only ones, because according to a Greenpeace survey, we Germans wear only a third of our clothes regularly and 40% of our clothes we rarely wear or not at all.



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So, the advantages are obvious:

You don’t have to worry so much about your outfit every day.

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • and you do something good for the environment by saving resources.

Now the only question left is what may remain – and what must go?


Of course, everyone decides for himself what suits him and what suits him, but a little kick can never hurt.

Therefore, think about what clothes you need for which occasions. Set clear criteria on when a piece of clothing can stay and when not. Then ask yourself in the next steps for each blouse, trousers or whatever if it meets the criteria.


It’s not easy to part with clothes, especially if the jeans have become too small, but who knows if you will need them again? Fact is: What we don’t wear now, we won’t wear in three years. You will not regret it.

  • Sort it outMake a pile for any kind of clothes from skirts, blouses, t-shirts to trousers. So you can see how much you have in each category. Now you can proceed according to your pre-defined criteria – everything that meets the criteria and that you feel comfortable with remains.
  • Sort outWhat do you never wear or what doesn’t suit you? Keep what makes you happy – everything else must go. And where to go with it?Maybe you have enough of the old clothes, but someone else might be happy about it. Do something good for your wallet and try it with a clothes spinning top, second-hand shops or do something good for others and donate the clothes. Here it is important to pay attention to where you give the clothes so that it really does something good.


You probably already have most of the basics for a well-combinable wardrobe. With single fair-fashion pieces or second-hand clothes you will quickly have an individual, tidy wardrobe that represents your style.

Minimalist does not mean boring. Black, white and grey are perfect for the basics as they are great to combine but with small eye-catching, colourful nuances you can pimp every outfit and use your favourite pieces.


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