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A few months ago, we introduced you to the new app planeed for the first time. The app has been on the market for a short time and promptly comes up with the next surprise.

With the motto “Every Action Counts,” the app inspires and motivates planeed to take action with unique interaction formats and features, such as action points, smart teams, and a specially calculated impact score.

It’s about our future

The future of the planet is synonymous with the future of humanity. Sustainability will shape our national and global society more than any other “trend” before it. To protect our country and our planet and prevent the worst effects of climate change, we must act now – and act together.

“Solving the climate crisis is a task for society as a whole and can only succeed if all sectors of society join forces in a global movement,” says Bernhard Liebl, Co-Founder & CMO.

Unlike comparable sustainability platforms & apps, which mostly rely on editorial maintenance of their content, the founders of planeed see the key to success in their open, community-based approach.

“People increasingly feel a sense of global belonging and responsibility for what they do or don’t do (yet). So why not tackle the looming climate catastrophe together in a social network and with the full power of a sustainability-conscious community?” says Dr. Aly Sabri, Co-Founder & CEO, explaining the app’s approach.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von planeed (

Every user has its own profile to share his/her ways of living a sustainable life (image source: planeed).

Saving the world together

And not just proverbially. Under the motto “Every Action Counts”, planeed gives every action, no matter how small, a visible impact. Newly developed interaction formats enable users to become active themselves and immediately see the effect of their actions in the real-time impact score. In the app, users can post their own action points, i.e. small (sustainable) behaviors such as “cooking with a lid,” and have them adopted by other users. Even more impact is achieved in the team, with which users, companies, organizations, etc. can build a strong community on a wide range of topics.

Real impact instead of greenwashing

Active action and harmonious teamwork are intended to act symbiotically in planeed and create a motivating environment to drive innovative ideas and new thought-provoking impulses even beyond one’s own actions. This makes planeed not only the platform of choice for sustainability-conscious end users, but also offers companies and organizations a completely new approach to successfully implement sustainability initiatives. The strictly community-based approach gives greenwashing no chance and thus promotes the much needed actual purpose – creating real impact together!

As of now, the planeed app is available for free download in the app stores.

This article is based on a planeed press release

Source cover image: planeed

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