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Spring has been here for a while, but your outfits don’t really match this season? Sometimes you just haven’t found your inspiration (for this year) yet or are not sure what to wear. In this article you’ll find this year’s trends!

From head to toe – every year there are new clothes that are either new in or back in style. But how does one find out what’s trendy this year? Apps like Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok are the leaders in this field. Because it’s not just the big designers in the fashion world who are calling the shots, but now also the ordinary people who can’t afford brand-name clothes.

Suit Pants

Who said suit trousers were just for everyday work and sitting in an office? These all-rounder bottoms are perfectly tailored for many different outfit trends. Whether it’s business, casual or perhaps for a party night, these trousers go with any outfit and never look out of place!

Everyone can wear suit trousers and that’s the great thing about them! There are figure-hugging trousers and others that are rather wider – so everyone can find their favourite pair of trousers and style them however they like.

Above all, there are now many different colours. Since suit trousers are not only worn in the office, the colour can now be more unusual! Hot pink, pastel yellow or classic black – there’s no limit anymore.


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Cargo Pants

Here’s another trouser trend on the rise! Cargo pants are now also one of this year’s spring trends. Not only do they look super cool and casual, they are also very comfortable to wear.

The reason for the cosiness factor? Most cargo trousers are made of soft cotton. That’s already a plus! Another point in favour of these trousers is that the cut is very flattering. Even though they are not skinny jeans, somehow cargo pants manage to give you a good figure. Moreover, you don’t feel constricted and the fabric doesn’t rub against your skin.

Colour Blocking

The colour blocking trend is the use of colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel to mix them into more interesting and complementary colour pairings.

Because it is an abstract technique, it is very easy to create illusions to accentuate body shapes and make people look not only taller but also slimmer. Colour blocking offers a versatility to clothing that other fashion trends don’t have. You can use this method in all outfits.

So if you’re more in the mood for colour and want to go more experimental, this brilliant trend is a great place to start!


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Leather Jacket

Long or cropped, black as brimstone or as colourful as the rainbow – leather jackets really were made for every type of person – and if you think that’s a lie, you just haven’t found your perfect jacket yet.

The special thing about leather jackets is that they actually never go out of fashion. Every year these jackets make a comeback, but with a new wardrobe combination.

The leather jacket is simply a classic piece that absolutely has to be in your wardrobe. It can be said that this piece of clothing is a timeless IT piece, as it is seen everywhere and at all times! One of the trends that will never be extinct.

This year there are awesome trends that certainly won’t hurt the wallet. These clothes can be combined and worn with other clothing items! Maybe you’ll find your favourite outfit for this season!

Source cover image: Unsplash / Charlota Blunarova

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