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Heaps of snow and the temperatures are still in the chilly range. The ski season is still on the way and there is nothing better than skiing or snowboarding down the slopes. The feeling of adrenaline and wind in your face is absolutely priceless.

Many people tend to wear their old ski wear, which they have worn over the past few years. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! We have a selection of high-brands, that not only offer beautiful clothing, but also perfect outfits for the ski season. With the right outfit, every slope is your runway – no need for a red carpet.

Perfect Moment

Let’s start with the clothes from Perfect Moment. Since 1984, the clothes at this high-performance lifestyle brand are designed in a modern retro style. The brand’s materials are made of functional fabrics and not only keep the body temperature warm – the clothing provides first-class protection from the natural forces.

With the stylish designs of the clothes, you don’t have to be the fastest skier in order to get everyone’s attention. Whether it’s a one-piece, a thick (sports) jackets or a pair of pants – every piece that you’re looking for is available here.

The distinguishing feature is quite clear to see: the large star, inspired by the North Star.


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The company has been around since 1932 and has achieved a lot during this time span. The design is rather sporty, but still has a very elegant touch. Comfort is the name of the game – this is implemented through the excellent processing of the clothing. The main focus of this brand is the personal attitude towards life and how the clothes can be adapted to everyone’s lifestyle. From head to toe, everything can be found in the Bogner store.

There is only one word that describes the current winter collection the best: Colorful! No matter what fashion piece you are looking at, a variety of different colors can be found. It differs from pastel shades to the boldest colors. With these stylish clothes you look not only super chic and fashionable, it is at the same time a great fashion statement.


The Italian brand with French roots, known largely for its padded jackets, combines top performance with style. The name Moncler is short for Moneatier-de-Clermont, an Alpine town near Grenoble in France.

The history of the company began with the manufacturing of sleeping bag and tents. Originally, Moncler designed jackets for workers so that they could wear them without being hindered in their activities. Then, when the company moved to Italy, they changed the company’s mission more in the direction of lifestyle, eventually combining the high performance of the active people with extravagant style.

To what extent many of the clothes are suitable for the sporting activities on skis is questionable. But one thing is obvious: with a snowsuit from Moncler, the beauty prize at après ski definitely goes to you.


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The current ski collection has stayed loyal to the style of Fusalp – thin silhouettes with an extravagant look. The clothes, whether jacket, pants or accessories, have been designed with a purpose and can therefore easily be matched together. This creates different outfits that show skillful and individual sense of style. From elegance to sports fanatic, here is everything your heart desires.

The High-Quality material provides a first-class protection against the cold and can guarantee that all movements in the clothes are carried out without problems.

Fusalp has launched a collaboration with the brand Chloé, in which is promised that the ski clothing line will combine the attributes of functionality and the stylistic aspect.

Meanwhile, more and more high fashion brands are recognizing the need to extend their collections to the sports sector. Such fashion giants need different facets in their fashion lines and ski collections are the perfect start for new ideas. Even if the clothes are more expensive – treating yourself is part of life.

Source cover image: Unsplash / Maarten Duineveld

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