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Sustainable Vacation – Tips and tricks for environmentally conscious traveling

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Going on vacation and thinking about sustainability at the same time sound like two opposites. Nevertheless, there are a number of tips on how to combine these two components in the best possible way.

Summer preparations are already on their way! Whether at home or abroad, a sustainable vacation is much easier than one might think. Because not only the trip itself can be sustainable, the planning before the whole trip can also be implemented environmentally friendly.

Be well prepared

While it should be the norm by now, a little reminder never hurts, as we all know! Before the actual trip begins, you need to be well prepared. At the beginning, you should think carefully about where you want to go and where you can place particular emphasis on sustainability. From transportation to accommodation to leisure activities – these topics should be well thought out in advance. In contrast to a normal trip, you might have to spend a little more money. However, you do something good for the environment.

Before you leave for your destination, you need to leave your house in the best possible way. In plain language: work through a small checklist. Are all the lights turned off? Have the windows been closed? Additionally, you can save electricity by unplugging all cords and turning off multiple outlets altogether. Also, try not to buy a lot of new food before your trip, but use up what’s in your fridge. If you do have some left over, you can take it with you, freeze it or give it to friends.


Flying is easy and fast. No wonder this is the most popular transportation choice. Sitting in an aeroplane gives you the excitement and adrenaline. But unfortunately, this type of transport is the most damaging to the climate.

In some cases, it is not yet possible to avoid taking a plane. If the destination is on another continent, it makes sense to use the airplane. If the destination is inland or on the same continent, there are many alternatives that are better for the environment.

Trains and night trains, for example, are once again very much in vogue. Currently, the leading rail companies in all European countries are expanding their rail networks, making rail travel across Europe possible. Other alternatives to the train are coaches or motor homes. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, the chance of encountering breathtaking views is definitely higher!


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It can be difficult to find sustainable accommodation that includes certain ecological criteria such as energy-saving technologies and more.

But for some years now there is the Biohotel concept that is bound to excellent standards! Sustainability and environmental awareness are on the agenda here. Any service available in the hotels follow the principle of environmental friendliness. So far, this type of hotels are still considered a niche product in the market. But with increasing environmentally friendly appearance, the popularity of the hotels is also increasing.

In Europe there are already almost 70 Biohotels that can offer you the most environmentally friendly accommodation! In Germany and Austria are the most accommodated. But also countries like Italy or Greece offer Bio Hotels.

Means of Transportation during your stay

In some countries it is simply more convenient to travel by car. And if a group shares the cost, a car is even more attractive. But in most cases, public transport is available and always a better choice – especially if you are in a big city or a well-visited place.

If the booked accommodation is in the city center or very centrally located, transportation is not even a must! The surroundings can be explored much better simply by walking. If the legs hurt a bit towards the end of the day, there is always the possibility to switch to public transport or city bikes.

A sustainable holiday is not that difficult. Environmental awareness shows itself in many small deeds – that’s what counts. We only have one planet and we have to take care of it.

Source cover image: Pexels / Porapak Apichodilok

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