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Whether for a modern style, a retro look or a simply classic interior design: We have tips and inspirations for you on how to design your walls at home elegantly and practically with your own library.

You have a desire to get your own library at home? Then you’re reading the right article. If you’re a fan of modern design, then we recommend cool and clear colors like white or black – because a shelf wall in a minimalist design is just the right solution for a modern space. The classic library design in white with square or rectangular sections fits for any interior and looks stylish, timeless and elegant.

For a classic look, shelves made of natural materials are great. Choose wood and warm colors and combine them in a cozy mixture. The classic shelving wall with geometric wooden shapes is always the right choice for a more traditional interior design. Our insider tip: A wooden head gives your library the special and classic kick.

However, if you are the more playful type, we have a few tips for you as well. For example, natural wood and warm pastel colors work very well together. Maybe do not arrange the spaces between the single shelves as neatly and perfect as for a modern design. Be rebellious and courageous. Even the books do not have to be placed neatly here. It looks great when a few books just lie in the shelf. You can combine the books with pictures or flowers, and for a very cozy kick: A chain of lights or shelf lighting is recommended.


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