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We are eagerly awaiting the new Audi A8, which will officially appear on the market very soon! There are some updates that stand out from the last model. A more comfortable interior, new systems and even more news that we already know about.

Since the 1990s, the Audi A8 has stood for luxury, prestige and innovation. This car series has been known as the pioneer of new technologies and standards for a long time. The new features can be found almost everywhere – we will show you the biggest innovations that this vehicle has to offer.


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The Lightning system

This year’s theme of the Audi A8 model is the new update of the lighting technology and its associated safety on the road. The digital Matrix LED headlights in the combination with the OLED taillight bring a very big feature here. The signature of the taillight with the OLEDs can be individualized – depending on the model, there are up to three taillight signatures to choose from.

Fun fact: Each headlight has nearly 1.3 million micromirrors!

With the help of the assist system, the car has a proximity detection; means when someone is standing less than two meters from the vehicle, the system automatically activates any OLED segments to signal the people involved to keep their distance.

Also in the area of night driving what has been improved! Now there are new trace and orientation lights. The Matrix LED headlights illuminate a carpet of light that shines particularly brightly on the road ahead.

The Interior

From the outside, the car has not changed much, here and there some edges sharpened and lines changed but you can’t see big changes. However, what has changed is the inside!

The interior is strictly horizontal to emphasize the width of the vehicle. There is now a voice control, which can be activated with the words ,,Hey Audi”. From the last model the car has grown 13cm – which provides more comfort for the passengers.

Speaking of the passengers, there are some new gadgets for them too! They now have two displays in the back that are 10.1 inches and come with Full HD resolution. To sit more comfortably, there are now also resting seats in the car – and at the touch of a button! The front seats are able to move forward so that a footrest can come out. But that’s not all, it even warms and massages the feet!


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The Price

Now comes the most important part – the price. With a car like this, you understandably have to pay a bit more than for a conventional vehicles. However, the Audi A8 can be ordered starting at 144,800€. The base price is 99.500€. If you wait a bit longer, you can also buy a plug-in hybrid model! This should follow soon.

Source Cover Image: Unsplash / Velito

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