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Wellness at Home – Finding Relaxation within your own walls

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Relaxing doesn’t always have to be expensive, and it doesn’t always require a visit to a spa or a hotel. With our four tips, you can easily transform your home into a spa area.

A stay in a wellness hotel can be quite expensive. In order to get the full spa experience, you have to pay for one of the other extra treatment. However, there are some ways for you to save the money and to transform your apartment into a small wellness center. In addition to an affordable experience, a wellness weekend at home has other advantages. For example, you don’t have to drive to another place and can stay in bed longer.

Get into the right mood

As already mentioned, there is no need for you to get up early and to drive somewhere else, which, however, all too often also brings the right mindset for such a weekend. That’s why it’s very important to create the right setting at home. The best way to do this is to sleep in and wake up gently. Turn off all alarms and let your inner clock decide when it’s time to get up.

In the next step, it’s time for a short yoga session, which will ensure proper mobility in the morning and also provide your body with the right vitality for the day. After that, you should prepare a hearty breakfast. Think about what you would like to eat the day before and buy the right ingredients in advance. Because only with the right refreshment can you relax particularly well.


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Soothing Bath

Taking a bath at home may not be as luxurious as a bathtub in a wellness hotel, but it does the job. A hot bath with the right vibe is just as relaxing as in an expensive place. Hot baths can greatly improve your Mood, as a warm bath feels very therapeutic. The peace, warmth and comfort is what you need for turning off. The heat not only helps your blood circulation, it also helps your muscles relax.

With the right oils and bath bombs, it’s like having that expensive spa vacation at home. We recommend oils such as coconut or lavender. Working with scents – aromatherapy, is great for regulating your mood and reducing stress. A great addition to that is also reading a book or listening to a good podcast.


Taking a hot bath is already great, but have you used a body scrub in combination with it? That will give you the extra spa feeling. However, a peeling never has to be super expensive. Check out your nearest drugstore. They usually have to wide collection of different body scrubs. Fun fact: Did you know that peelings have a lot of positive effects on the body?

Body scrubs do not only enhance one’s relaxation, they are also good for your skin. The goal of exfoliations are to remove dead skin cells from the skin surface. After using it, the skin feels softer and looks more radiant. If you scrub the skin with the product, the filled sebum pores are cleaned at the same time.


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Manicure and Pedicure

Manicures and pedicures are not only pleasing for the eyes, they also have a relaxing effect. Your hands and feet are the parts of your body that are most actively involved in life. Most importantly, your fingers are constantly exposed to weather, dirt and more. So it’s only fair to give them a treat.

During the manicure, the fingernails are given a new look for the most part. Cut, filed and if necessary polished. That’s actually it with the basics! Especially friendly and bright colors can be worn well on the nails. In addition, even the small change can help to feel more confident.

Pedicure is not much different! The makeover of the feet starts in most cases with a warm foot soak to prepare the feet for the removal of the callus. After shortening the toenails, the fun but optional part also begins: painting the toenails. Especially towards summer, this can provide the ultimate summer feeling.

We hope we could give you some inspiration for a spa weekend at home. After all, a spa weekend does not always have to be expensive and associated with a lot of effort. Sometimes small things are enough to have an unforgettable day.


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