The best weekend destinations in the UK

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UK is the country with bad food and a lot of rainy days – not in this summer. Just as in the whole of Europe, UK is currently gripped by a heat wave. That’s why we have chosen five beautiful places on the island that are definitely worth to make a summer weekend trip.


Brighton has always been one of the most popular beach towns in the UK. With its pier and many attractions, Brighton still attracts many bathing tourists today. The city in the south of England is also known for its open and extraordinary people. If you come to Brighton, don’t miss the traditional Fish & Chips and an obligatory walk through the dreamy lanes.

Quelle: unsplash/ Darren Coleshill


If you prefer it quieter, you can escape to the westernmost county of England. Cornwall exudes the charm of a typical English coastal town – sleepy and traditional. Here you can really relax and enjoy your afternoon tea. If you want some more action, you can visit Land’s End, the most western punk in England, from where you can only see the sea.

Quelle: unsplash/ Keely Schofield


Oxford, one of the oldest university towns in the kingdom, is the perfect destination for a cultural weekend. With its historic old town and beautiful university – which by the way served as a model for Harry Potter’s school in Hogwarts – you can spend hours exploring the city on foot. In addition, small theatres and sweet restaurants offer the perfect counterbalance to the many runs.

Quelle: unsplash/ Sidharth Bhatia


The southeastern county inspires with its beautiful landscape and its ancient history. As the next point to the European mainland, Dover and above all its castle is a popular tourist destination. Kent also offers beautiful beaches where you can relax and, with a little luck, even see the French mainland.

Quelle: unsplash/ Callum Wale


Out of England and off to Scotland. Besides the Highlands Scotland has a beautiful city to offer with Glasgow. The port city offers breathtaking buildings combined with new architecture, which is reflected in the city’s culture. Through the University and the School of Arts, Glasgow also offers a lively night and cultural life that everyone should have experienced.

Quelle: unsplash/ Michael D Beckwith

Great Britain offers so many beautiful and interesting places for a short trip that we can’t decide where to go first. Whether you want to enjoy the silence of the countryside or get involved with the exciting ruble in the city, Britain is definitely worth a trip.

This article is based on an article by Vogue UK.
Source cover picture: unsplash/ Nabil Aiman

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