Three home-essentials for the ultimate feeling of cosiness

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“There is no place like home”. Home is the place where we relax after a long day at work. It’s the place where it’s warm when it gets too cold outside. Home is not just a place, but a feeling. We’ll show you three essentials you should not miss in your home to create the ultimate feeling of cosiness in your own four wall.

A little green makes the apartment blossom

No doubt about it – if there is anything that embellishes the home, it is plants. They not only improve the air quality. Studies even prove the beneficial effect of plants on our minds. Large-leaved plants, such as the ivy hawk or a rubber tree, can fill the corners of the room with their beautiful leaves. Small succulents or an easy-care Sansevieria can adorn the windowsill – and the room will literally blossom.

Since upcycling is totally in vogue: How about turning your old flower pots into real eye-catchers with a new coat of paint. All you need is waterproof paint (for example acrylic) and some artistic Ambition.


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Two words: throw pillows and snuggly blankets

Close your eyes and imagine the most comfortable couch ever. I bet that we all imagine a couch with feathery throw pillows and the most cuddly blankets. A few loosely thrown colorful patterned cushions can enhance the complete flair of the room.

A pair of cuddly socks, scented candles, a cup of comfortably warm hot chocolate and nothing stands in the way of the cosiest evening of your life.


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The most beautiful memories in frames

In order to feel good, it often requires nothing more than the memory of a time when you felt most at home. A decorative wall, staged with photos of family and friends, photos from a past holiday or simply inspiring motifs, gives every home the perfect personal touch.

The bare, white walls can be beautified with beautifully designed picture walls and invite you to wallow in old memories.


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