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As travel agencies become fewer and fewer and planned trips become more and more expensive and impossible to pay for, you don’t have many options left to enjoy the summer to the fullest. But what if the Metaverse could be a solution?

The Metaverse could change travel from the ground up and send us on a new travel experience. Many confuse the Metaverse with Virtual Reality – but there is a slight difference. With VR (games) there is a limit that has been given, with the Metaverse the person is more free and has more possibilities.

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One can either imagine a lot or nothing at all under virtual travel. Different worlds and realities can be discovered. The metaverse idea already existed in the 1990s and can finally be created thanks to today’s technology.

Thanks to the Metaverse, unknown and inaccessible places can be made easily reachable, which will make the holiday a lot more exciting and unforgettable! Since travel agencies are becoming more and more rare and they are not always up to date, one can take a look at the alternatives.

Also because of the Covid 19 pandemic, no one knows exactly what the future of travel will look like. The travel industry has suffered and had to rebuild a lot of things because of it. That’s where the metaverse would be very helpful.


Most travel agencies have been active for more than ten years and have always had a loyal clientele until now. But with digitalisation and more platforms especially for travel, it has become more and more difficult for the agencies.

The good thing about online booking is that the searcher can compare many different providers at the same time to find the best offer. In addition, better promotional prices can be found online.

Another reason for the digital search is convenience. As technology has advanced to the point where booking at home is quicker than booking at the agency (with travel to the agency, meetings and special requests), travellers understandably want to take the easier route.


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As a new travel agency, you have no chance to make a name for yourself – about 65% of the currently existing agencies will soon simply cease to exist. Unfortunately, the younger companies are hit harder than those that have had loyal customers for decades.


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A big part of the holiday is the journey to the destination itself. The joy and excitement on the way to the airport brings out the anticipation. But what if this part is no longer necessary?

With the metaverse, certain places can be reached more quickly and easily – and who doesn’t want that? Travellers will also have an avatar that can even communicate with other tourists.

But classic offline travel with true-to-life experiences is an important part of relaxation. In addition, vacation should be used to get away from technical devices.  A time-out from normal everyday life and the digital world.

There should be a balance between digital and real life. Those who are constantly online can lose valuable free time for hobbies and activity.

Travelling in modern times can be really complicated. Nowadays, many people prefer to book online and read the reviews of hotels and the like. But who knows what it will look like in the near future. Maybe there is hope for travel agencies after all – and maybe the metaverse will come sooner than expected.

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