Mobility of the future – 3 good reasons for a green car in 2021

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By “green” we don’t mean the color of the paint, of course, but the symbol of sustainable mobility: There are more electric cars on the market than ever before, and their popularity is growing immensely accordingly. More and more people have already switched to an electric vehicle and these 3 reasons in particular have convinced them.

1. Green environment instead of gray emission

The first reason is already obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less significant: electric cars protect the environment because they don’t emit any exhaust gases while driving. This means that the environmental saviors on four tires are spared in debates about driving bans in the inner city, while diesel vehicles and older gasoline-powered cars are threatened with having to park outside the city limits. No final decision has yet been made on the issue of driving bans, but it is certain that an e-car is definitely the best way to go in the long term.


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2. Exclusive VIP parking

We all know them: The seemingly never occupied parking spaces directly in front of the entrance at the supermarket. We look after them in love when, after shopping, we lug our heavily laden bags to the very back of the rows of parking spaces – to all the other polluters. The suggestion here is almost a kind of Walk of Shame, while environmentalists are often rewarded with a free tank of gas right on the spot in addition to their exclusive parking space – that’s sustainable karma, I guess.

3. Sustainability is rewarded

2020 marks the year in which e-cars finally make the breakthrough. Not least thanks to government intervention, many of us have now discovered our ecological conscience. The government’s purchase premium, which has been in place since 2016, was increased in 2020. A hefty 10,000 euros can then be collected in the best case. This is also noticeable in the shares: While the share of e-cars in 2019 was still a measly 2 percent, it has now risen to a staggering 10 percent.

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