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You love the sea and are looking for some adventures on your holidays rather than sunbathing at the beach the whole day? Then you should definitely consider going on a diving adventure. We have searched for the best dive spots in the world and compiled them into this article!


The Riviera Maya is a stretch of coast on the Caribbean Sea in the northeast of the Mexican peninsula Yucatán. The region is known for its endless beaches. Where there used to be fishing villages, there are now luxury hotels and resorts right next to each other. First-class restaurants, facilities for an extremely exciting nightlife, exclusive spa facilities, shopping malls and golf courses can also be found. Further south, in Tulum, there are several yoga recreation centres, and on a rocky nose above a white sandy beach lie the ruins of an old Mayan port city.

There are so many magical places to discover in this region. However, the Riviera Maya includes some of Mexico’s most beautiful and extensive beaches, known for their fine white sand and the typical turquoise blue sea of the Caribbean. Besides the fantastic nature and the luxury above the water surface, a great underwater world can be discovered here.



Because of Bali, Lombok & Co. Indonesia is not only known for its beautiful islands with white sandy beaches, but also for its underwater landscape that might be one of the most beautiful in the world. Raja Ampat in Western New Guinea belongs to the absolute Mecca of diving spots. With 13,000 species of fish and 550 species of coral, the reefs offer diving experience like no other. Not even the Great Barrier Reef in Australia can keep up.

Looking for the ultimate thrill? Then dive in the Komodo National Park during the so-called drift diving with the currents. A very special challenge. Especially Manta rays love the underwater world of Komodo and will delight you. Small and big sea creatures are waiting to be discovered by you.



Let’s take a dive in the Red Sea! Get on the plane and within four hours you will have reached the next top dive spot: Egypt. The choice of diving schools is large, especially in tourist strongholds like Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh. However, it is recommended to go further South for your diving adventure, because there the corals are still very well preserved resulting in better diving conditions. An Eldorado for divers is Marsa Alam for example.


Source cover image: unsplash/ Randall Ruiz

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