Powerberries – These berries have it all!

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By now, most of us can make sense of the terms açaí, goji and chokeberry. However, until a few years ago, these terms were absolutely foreign to many of us. What these power berries can do and why they are considered superfood, we will tell you here!

You have heard a lot about superfood and you like to treat yourself to a fancy açaí bowl, but you don’t know what the super berries açaí, goji, chokeberry & co. have in them? We will tell you the top 3 berries and what is really true about the super berries.

The Açaí Berry

Quelle: Unsplash/ Brenda Godinez

The açaí berry is a Brazilian berry and is also called “Brazilian Beauty Berry”. The berry has a high content of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins (B,C,D,E) and essential fatty acid. The berry is said to have a mainly preventive effect. It strengthens the immune system, the skeleton and the teeth and it is even said to stimulate fat burning. But the berry can do much more: due to its high content of vitamins, the berry promotes hair growth and also ensures a radiant, even complexion. Today, the açaí berry is mainly known as a bowl and is often used as a base for cereals.

The Goji Berry

Quelle: Unsplash/ Sambazon

Go Go Goji! This superfood contains lots of vitamin C, even more than oranges! The berry also contains vitamin A, E, B1, protein, iron and has a natural antibacterial effect. The berry is even said to have a life-prolonging effect and promotes memory and muscle growth. In addition, the Goji Berry is ideal as a post-workout food due to its high protein content. So the next time you have a muesli, just mix in some goji berries!

The chokeberry berry

Quelle: Unsplash/ Kat von Wood

This small blue wonder berry originally comes from North America. It also provides a lot of vitamins A, B, C and K. The chokeberry also contains valuable antioxidants. All this strengthens the immune system and prevents diseases. In addition, chokeberry berry boosts the metabolism and thus facilitates weight loss. The berry is also said to have an anti-aging effect.


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