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There has never been such a variety of culinary delights as we experience today – and the scene of cooking stars continues to grow from modern Asian to refined traditional Southern German classics. Here are the trendsetters for 2020.

Remember these names, because you will hear of these gourmet chefs in the coming months. And they all have one thing in common: the future of cuisine. They are transforming classical styles and making them their own.

1. Dalad Kambhu from the German capital

Berlin is a symbol of diversity. Not only in terms of elegant wine bars, streetfood and classic German cuisine, but also in terms of Asian delicacies. Chef Dalad Kambhu brings dishes to the table that you will not find in any other Asian restaurant.

The basic ingredients are the heart of the restaurant “Kin Dee”‘s success – fine Berlin tofu, combined with organic coconut milk and fermented soybeans or German wild boar with Brussels sprouts, pepper and fresh vegetables. With her self-made sauces and spice pastes, she has earned herself a Michelin star.


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2. Maike Menzel – The youngest star from Bavaria

Young Bavarian Cuisine. A term thats meaning is certainly open to controversy and it’s uncertain whether dishes like Ivoire chocolate with amaranth and sea buckthorn belong to this genre. Either way: Maike Menzler was born in 1989 and is Germany’s youngest star chef.

The young cook’s radiant self-confidence and the team’s motivation drive the so-called Schwarzreiter in Munich. Those who aren’t into long gourmet menus can also find dishes such as Tatar of Bavarian ox or pickled Alpine salmon at the restaurants „day bar“.

3. Tobias Bätz – Two Stars for Franconia

Tobias Bätz i spart of the famous German show-cook Alexander Hermanns team. And while Herrmann is busy roaming the world, Tobias Bätz has found his way to kitchen stardom as the two-star chef of Wirsberg.

The man likes to work with local Franconian products and ingredients such as Franconian coffee or exotic ingridients such as papaya. In the bistro, guests can enjoy so-called Franconian tapas or be flattered by vegetarian menus – such as autumn potatoes grilled in the charcoal oven and garnished with jostaberry stock, „extremely fresh“ cream cheese and algae bottarga.


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New stars in the gourmet sky

Beside these three outstanding German newcomers you should also remember names like Chatchai Klanklong from Alsace, Max Natmessnig who travels between New York and Austria and Mickael Viljanen from the Greenhouse in Dublin.

These star chefs have had the local culinary arts taught to them in various countries and have incorporated and refined them into their own style. In 2020, these stars will showcase their cooking talents.

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