RECUP – How does the sustainable deposit system work?

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They can be seen in many places and make a clear statement in the direction of sustainability. The color alone indicates this. We are talking about RECUP cups. But how does the to-go cup system work? We’ll tell you.

What used to be the cardboard to-go cups are now the RECUP brand. Many cafés and bakeries in this country offer these cups instead of the normal disposable cups. This is linked to a large-scale deposit system that sets an example against the throwaway society. In this article, we show you exactly how the system works.


The startup’s motto is REvolution – in a positive sense. The mission is to significantly reduce the amount of waste generated by plastic packaging. According to the website, one RECUP cup can replace about 1,000 disposable cups. The second product, the REBowl, is also created to combine the waste that is generated especially often when taking food. One thing should not be lost in any case: the “to-go philosophy”, which has been newly reinforced especially by the Corona pandemic.


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How the deposit system works

In principle, the system is very simple. When buying a coffee in a RECUP cup, the buyer counts a 1€ deposit for the cup. For the time of use, the cup belongs to the respective person. Afterwards, it is possible to return the cup to one of RECUP’s partners throughout Germany. Of course, the deposit will be returned. Only the lid for the beaker must be purchased.

It works the same way with the REBowl. In the meantime, RECUP also offers an app in which all partner stores are listed, so that you don’t have to search long for a return point for your deposit. Of course, it is also possible to keep the cups and use them for your own picnics.

The RECUP system is definitely a good and innovative way to reduce packaging waste. Not only are the cups very stylish, but they also offer a solution for people who don’t want to carry their to-go cup around all the time.

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