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Backpacks have become one of the most important companions in everyday life. Unlike purses, they are also much more comfortable for the back. In this article we tell you which backpacks shine not only because of their carrying comfort.

Backpacks are celebrating their big comeback again! No wonder! Manufacturers are currently focusing especially on the combination of comfort and design. Especially the storage space in the bags is more than just useful. A reason more to present you the currently most popular brands. A small hint beforehand: Many rely on sustainable methods in their production.


Let’s start with the backpacks from GOTBAG. This company has a very special mission: they care deeply about the oceans. With this in mind, they have been creating responsible products made from ocean plastic since 2016. For each GOTBAG, the company collects up to five kilograms of plastic from the oceans. Their motto “Create an Impact” is a major theme here.

Founder Benjamin spent a lot of time by the sea in his childhood. Even as a child, he was horrified to find so much plastic on the beach. The fact that because of the plastic the animals lose their lives and their habitat, has taken him very much – so he wanted to do something good for the environment.

The backpacks are also not only 100 percent sustainable, but also stand out for their design. Especially the larger models are an ideal companion for the way to the office, the university or to meet with friends at the beach.


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Baggu is a very hip and cool company that has been on the market since 2007. Sustainability is also a very big point here and has been on the company’s agenda since the beginning.

As a company, focusing on sustainability can be quite challenging. Not least because of high material costs. As a small company with limited resources, Baggu had to cut corners. As they grew larger in the years to come, this aspect was always important.

The patterns of the bags are anything but boring. With the different designs and colors you are guaranteed to stand out – and definitely in a positive sense. The mother-daughter duo had the idea for these reusable shopping bags, which can also be used as normal jute bags in everyday life. In the meantime, they have expanded their range to include other types of bags and even backpacks.


,,Our goal is to create a timeless product with fine regard for detail.”

If you are looking for a bag label that has many different sizes and a variety of colours, patterns and collaborations, you have come to the right place! The company, which has been around since 2009, is a lifestyle bag company that focuses on producing elegant, functional fashion pieces.

The great thing about Herschel bags is that they come in every size you can imagine. The Classic Backpack XL is the backpack with the simplest design – perfect for the everyday use. Of course, there is not only the XL version. You can choose between mini, mid-volume, standard and XL bags.

As already mentioned, Herschel often has collaborations with different brands. There have already launched a collection with Dr. Martens, Coca Cola and even Disney!


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The Fjällraven bags are probably the ones that everyone has seen. The eye-catching colors, the square shape, the red and white logo and the convertible straps are the trademarks of the brand. But just because many wear them doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t special! They have a lot more to offer. Besides their chic and timeless look, they are a real hero for everyday life. All important things can be conveniently stored there.

As with most backpack brands, there are also different sizes on offer from this line, so everyone should find the right companion.

Even if the backpacks are a bit cheaper, every single cent is still worth it. Because one thing is guaranteed in any case: The quality.

The backpacks just celebrate their comeback, is great! The practical accessories can give every outfit that certain something and add the finishing touch. Maybe you’ll soon find your favorite IT piece!

Source cover image: Unsplash / Zachary Keimig

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