Fast as a lightning and suitable for travelling: the new McLaren GT

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There has never been so much luxury in a super sports car! With 326 HP, including two travel bags and golf bag, the McLaren GT surpasses all sports cars in its league. It manages to combine power and travel capability. Find out everything about the new McLaren model here.

Accelerate from 0 to 100 in just 3.2 seconds. Only very few cars can do that. The McLaren GT is a special kind of sports car and is ideal for everyday use.

How much space does the super sports car offer?

150 litres front and 420 litres rear, the McLaren GT offers space for a total of 570 litres of luggage. In addition, a large tailgate opens the luggage compartment, which is easy to load and unload. Previously, there was only room for one person’s luggage in all of the company’s cars. Now even two people can easily stow their luggage. The next trip is safe!


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Comfort even on long distances

The classic features of a GT are speed and practicality. Now it is also important that the car can score with its comfort, especially on long distances. The seats offer good lateral support, as is usual in sports cars, but are still comfortable. The settings are easy to find and the infotainment system is up to date. The navigation system transmits traffic information in real time and Bluetooth, DAB radio, voice control and music streaming make your stay as pleasant and entertaining as possible.


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Optimal Control Theory: comfort has never been so smart

Noise reduction and the reduction of perceived unevenness in the road surface are the greatest challenges for automobile manufacturers in view of long distances travelled. The Optimal Control Theory is based on algorithms and works proactively, i.e. in front of the bump, thanks to sophisticated sensor technology.


The McLaren GT can cover a total of 666 kilometers in one piece under “normal” driving conditions. The next road trip can come, and with an enormous amount of luxury.


Source cover image: McLaren

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