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Easter Decoration: Easy DIYs for the Easter Season 2022

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Instead of throwing money out the window for new Easter decorations this year, it’s time to get creative yourself. With these easy do-it-yourself instructions, you can create beautiful and individual Easter decorations easily.

Easter 2022 – after two years of pandemic once again a good opportunity to celebrate with the whole family together. For this occasion, the house should be festive and suitably decorated. In addition to recycled Easter decorations from previous years, you can also easily incorporate new decorative elements. But instead of buying something, here are some ideas & DIYs for Easter decoration!


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Materials needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Flowers
  • black marker / pencils

Cut the cardboard to make an oval-shaped circle and two oblong shaped circles. Glue them together so that the shape of a lamb’s head can be seen.

Use the pencils to draw the eyes, the pink cheeks and the mouth on the cardboard.

Use the glue again. Apply the glue to the edge of the head shape. Before it dries, place the flowers on top and press them down lightly to prevent them from slipping off.

Repeat this process in order to create additional cardboard lambs. This is so easy in the making that you can do this together with little children.


  • Baking sheet
  • Shaving cream
  • Food colouring
  • Cardboard
  • String

Cover the baking tray with the shaving foam. Then drizzle the food colouring over the shaving foam and mix it together.

Then press the cardboard onto the colourful foam. Scrape the shaving foam off the paper and leave it to dry. Once it dried, the desired shapes can be cut out.

Cut two holes in each shape and make a long garland with the string.


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  • Toilet paper
  • Balloon
  • Balloon pump
  • Water (in a spray bottle)
  • Watercolours

First, tear off the individual pieces of toilet paper. It is advisable to use about 3/4 of the roll. Now inflate the balloon to the desired size and tie a knot at the end.

Place the piece of paper on the balloon, spray it with water and press it to the balloon – this is the only way to connect the individual pieces! Repeat until there is no more toilet paper. Cover everything until only the balloon knot is visible.

Now for the decoration: Use a paintbrush to dab your favourite colour onto the egg piece by piece. After each good dab, spray the colour with some water.

It is important to turn the work over as well. When the balloon sounds hollow, it is time to take the air out. Simply cut off the tip and voilá.

Now there are three options:

  1. The egg stays like this
  2. It can be hung up. Attach a broken shish kebab stick to a string and push it into the hole.
  3. Draw a hole on the egg with a pencil and cut it open with a sharp, pointed scissor. Now you can place sweets or other things inside!


For this you need

  • Chocolate kisses
  • Cat’s tongues
  • White sugar puffs
  • sugar eyes
  • liquid chocolate coating

First, use a knife to make two small slits in the top of the chocolate kisses. Melt the chocolate coating, cut the cat’s tongues into halves and then dip them into the liquid chocolate. Then insert the tongues into the slits.

Then paint on the bunny’s face – this is where the sugar eyes come in.


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Homemade decoration is not only sustainable, as you only use materials that you already have lying around your house all the time, it’s also great for your creative side. Crafting and creating your own things is a great feeling and a good activity. You can also spend time with others!

Source cover image: Unsplash /  JESHOOTS.COM 

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