Holidays under water: Discover the most beautiful underwater hotels

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Sleeping with the fishes, a stunning view over the underwater world – a room with a sea view, just a little bit different. Whether in the Maldives, Fiji or the Caribbean: underwater hotels are no longer an utopia. Several luxury hotels now offer their best suites even under the water surface. We gonna show you three of the most beautiful underwater hotels. Dive in with us!


The underwater room at The Manta Resort on Pemba in Zanzibar is located in a two-story bungalow with a sun terrace in the middle of the sea. The bungalow has a complete floor which is four meters under water. This makes it the most exclusive hotel room in the entire complex. To get there you have to take a short boat tour, but then you are in the unique accommodation, directly above the Manta house reef and in the middle of the sea. Thanks to the sun terrace, it is also possible to relax above the water surface and to sunbathe. Just because of the island of Zanzibar in East Africa, this holiday is a visit worth. Zanzibar stands for paradisiacal beaches and exotic spices. In combination with the underwater bungalow: definitely an absolutely unique experience!


Travel through the Caribbean by submarine! If you like something more rustic, try the Lovers Deep. The Lovers Deep is definitely for romantic couples that want something different from a standard holiday. The reason: here you experience pure adventure. From walking at the beach at sunset and dinner on a lonely island to delicious food on board, you will not lack anything. A team consisting of a butler, a chef and of course the captain will fulfill any requests. Pure couple-time – because only two people can check in at the same time.


In the northeastern Fidji archipelago, the first five-stars hotel, which is completely under water, is currently under construction. Actually, the Poseidon hotel should have opened already, but this is not the case due to financial and structural problems. With 22 51-square-meter underwater suites, a 100-square-meter king suite, bar, restaurant, library, spa, meeting room and – not kidding – a wedding chapel, every need is met. You can already be entered in a waiting list, so it will not take a long time before this underwater colossus opens. The exact time is still unclear. We are curious!

Source cover image: YouTube/Tourism Guidelines

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