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On 14 February you can give your loved ones a special treat again. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and like every year the question is: should we do something special? Many couples are under pressure to live up to the expectations that have been communicated to everyone, although many forget that it is not about the material, but about the gesture. With these three gift ideas, this year you will make hearts beat faster.

I’ll have the breakfast in bed, please

The alarm clock rings, get up quickly, if there is time, have some breakfast and off you go to work. In all the everyday stress we often forget to take time for the little special things. How about this Valentine’s Day with preparing a luxury breakfast for your better half and bringing it to their bed. Delicious fruits, muesli and scrambled eggs – and many other things your heart desires. Gestures often say more than material things!

Spend your time wisely

Time is precious, spend it with your loved ones! Why invest time in your partner only in the evening when you can take the whole day off? Give each other time. No matter if it’s a trip to the mountains or just enjoying a relaxing day at home. This Valentine’s Day, you can escape from everyday life together and pursue the activities you enjoy most.

Will you accept this rose?

Let’s be honest, what woman wouldn’t be happy about a great bouquet of flowers? However, the quality of the flowers plays a special role here. Local florists have much nicer and also higher quality flowers than the gas station or the supermarket around the corner. Moreover, the flowers do not necessarily have to be red roses. How about tulips or sunflowers, for example? The choice is huge.

Whatever you have planned, whether a romantic dinner in a chic restaurant or a cosy evening for two on the couch – the most important thing is not to stress yourself and spend time with your loved one. If you haven’t found the right partner yet, why not spend time with your friends – after all, company is the best way to live.


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