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Last Minute Advent Wreaths

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Advent, Advent a little light is burning – or not? This year everything is a bit different. That’s why nobody will hold it against you if you don’t have an Advent wreath yet. Nevertheless, we will show you a few ideas with which you can quickly conjure up the perfect Advent wreath even after the first Advent.

Every year there are new trends. No matter if it is the colours of clothes, hair, haircuts or furnishing styles.No matter if it is the colours of clothes, hair, haircuts or furnishing styles. We have looked through the current Advent wreath trends and have selected 3 ideas for you, which can be implemented quickly and easily.

Source: schö

1. Old but Gold

Everyone knows the traditional Advent wreaths. Mostly they are made of a mixture of fir branches, cherry laurel, ivy and/or larch branches, bound and decorated with red or golden accessories, which are used to decorate the wreaths. Well, how about something more modern?

All you need are:

  • Different binding greenery e.g. different types of eucalyptus, thistles, silver rosemary and mimosa
  • Binding wire
  • A straw wreath
  • Four candles of your choice
  • Small balls
  • Decoration book
  • A pair of garden shears
  • Candle sleeves or coasters

Then you just have to tie it like a classic one and you’re done.

2. Succulents as Advent Wreath

Succu what? You all know succulents. Maybe not by name, but definitely when you see them. And the best part is, you don’t even have to bind them.

All you need are:

  • Succulents
  • Several 8cm pieces of floral wire
  • Candles
  • Mosy wreath
  • Decoration as required

Source: Ilona Habben

To have a beautiful wreath at the end, simply water the Mosy wreath well and stick the floral wire half in the wreath and half in the plant. Important: the candles should be in the middle instead of on top.


3. Advents-Bowl

Bowls are not only delicious recipes, but also good Advent wreaths. How does that work, you ask yourself? Ferm Living sells candlesticks where the candles are placed on the edge of a bowl. It is made of ceramic and can be decorated just as you like. So here you are completely free.

All you need are:

Depending on how much time you have or how talented you are, you can now quickly make an Advent wreath. In this sense: Advent, Advent, a little light is burning…

Source Cover Image: unsplash / Kira auf der Heide

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