11 ideas how you can make your everyday life more sustainable

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It’s time for a change! Sustainability is more important than ever and not as expensive as many people think. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make a big difference. In this article you will find 11 tips on how you can not only live more sustainably, but in some cases even save money as well.

When it’s time to go out:

  • Bring your own drinks in a reusable bottle. This way you not only save money when you get thirsty on the road, but also do something for the environment.


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  • The same applies to cutlery. When you get food, you usually get plastic cutlery. But that’s over now. Just take a spoon, fork and knife from home.
  • What should never be missing in a handbag? Handkerchiefs, of course. And why do they have to be made of paper? Tissue handkerchiefs are not only more sustainable, they also feel better. And if you forget to take them out of your trouser or jacket pocket before washing them, it’s no problem, because they don’t dissolve.


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  • Turn four into two. Why do you always drive everything by car? The good old bike is perfect for short distances and at the same time good for your health.

It’s all about food

  • The trend for the so-called “unpackaged stores” is very popular. The concept here is to sell everything without packaging. Accordingly, customers have to bring various boxes, glasses, etc. with them to be able to manage their purchases. So you finally save yourself the superfluous packaging waste.


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  • And while we’ re on the subject of shopping. Try to buy regional products. There are many possibilities for this. Whether it is the weekly market, the farm store of the farmer around the corner or the regional shelf of the supermarket.
  • Beeswax tissues and lunch boxes. If you already know that you will be on the road for a longer period of time or just want to store food, use beeswax tissues and/or lunch boxes. This saves you the aluminum foil, which, as everyone knows, is totally harmful to the environment anyway.


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  • If you still have various leftovers in the fridge that you can’t think of a sensible recipe for, there is a website that offers you the right solution. It is called myfridgefood.com. Here you can simply select all the ingredients you want to use and the site will show you suitable recipes in the next step. This way you can safely use everything you have at home and don’t have to throw anything away.

Get dressed

  • Airing instead of washing. That might sound a little strange at first. But who actually said that you have to wash everything after wearing it once. Jeans, skirts or sweaters can easily be put on two or more times. The trick is that the clothes are simply hung up for airing between each wear. Should a stain get stuck on something, it can easily be removed with a little water.
  • Second Hand. Why not go to a Second-Hand Shop instead of always buying everything new. It is not unusual to find real treasures at reasonable prices.


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  • Wash at low temperatures. Often it is enough to wash your worn outfits at 30 degrees. This not only saves energy, but also protects the materials and your clothes stay beautiful for longer.

As you can see, it is not even that difficult. Maybe there was one or two ideas that inspired you and that you want to implement. The important thing is that something happens and it doesn’t always have to be big changes. Often it are small steps that lead to the goal.

Source Image: unsplash/Cherie Birkner

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