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planeed – The App For Sustainabilty and Enviromental Protection

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Many of us want to integrate sustainability and environmental protection into our everyday lives. We often just lack the necessary inspiration and motivation. planeed – a new app promises help here.

The need for more environmental protection and a more conscious use of our planet’s natural resources is clear to most of us by now. The ever worsening outlook delivered by the environmental reports of international organisations every year do the rest. And in concrete terms, we all feel the changes caused by climate change. All the dry and excessively warm winters or extreme natural events such as floods and storms in summer. These developments do not leave many people cold, on the contrary. Movements like Fridays for Future show that the will for a change already exists. planeed wants to provide support for all those who are looking for inspiration and motivation. For more environmental protection in their everyday lives!

The Approach: United and with small Steps towards a better future

The idea of the app is to bring people together on a sort of green social media platform, where the users exchange information with each other, inform themselves about environmental protection actions and to get inspired by tangible tips for more sustainability in their everyday lives. They can create their own so-called action points, which are small actions in everyday life that protect the environment and resources. Others can follow these ideas and tips and even form teams to achieve more together. The Impact Score then provides the necessary motivation by using an innovative weighting system to show what the respective users and their teams have achieved by fulfilling their Action Point.


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Working together for more environmental protection and sustainability, while also building a new community and having fun – planeed offers all of this. The app will be available for download free of charge in the app stores from April 2022.

Source cover image: Unsplash / Teona Swift

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