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Kombucha and mate – both drinks are described as particularly healthy and beneficial. Either as a medicine, slimming agent or for the improvement of various body functions. These drinks are famous for their special effects, but nothing has been scientifically proven.

These juices are actually soft drinks. Be careful not to drink too much at once and, of course, drink other liquids as well. Mass consumption can be harmful. So a little reminder: Enjoy things in moderation and not in masses!


This sugar tea, fermented with bacteria and yeast, can be purchased as a finished product or you can make it yourself. It should be noted that the homemade version takes time, so plan on a buffer of about 7 to 10 days.

There are many kits available to help one make kombucha on their own, and this one also shows how to do it. Very important: you have to put a lot of emphasis on hygiene!

Ingredients for 1 liter:

  • 1 Kombucha mushroom / SCOBY
  • 100 ml finished kombucha
  • 90-100g whole cane sugar
  • 1l still water
  • 1 tl green tea
  • 1 large glass


Fill the tea with non-boiling water (about 70° Celsius) in a glass and let it steep for about three minutes. When the water has cooled down a bit, remove the tea. Pour in the sugar and mix well. Then pour the SCOBY with its liquid into the warm water. It may happen that the mushroom sinks to the bottom – but this is not a problem!

Then cover the jar with a paper or cloth cloth, fasten it with a rubber and put it in a place where it is neither too warm nor too cold. After a week, you can dare the taste test. If it does not taste right, you can store it for longer.


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Mate tea is a South American drink rich in caffeine. The drink mainly consist of dried leaves of the holly species Ilex paraguariensis which will be soaked into hot water. Scientists have been able to detect over 200 ingredients in the mate leaves.


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Ingredients for the mate:

  • Calabash (special mate cup) or a metal cup.
  • Bombilla (special straw)
  • Mate tea
  • Water

Fill the calabash or mug halfway with the mate tea. Hold the palm of your hand over the opening of the cup and shake vigorously. This will reduce the fine powder in the tea and reduce the chance of clogging the straw. After shaking, hold the mug at an angle and pour in some cold water on the “empty” side. Let the tea steep for half a minute. Now add the hot water to the mug and fill it halfway.

Place the straw at an angle in the calabash so that the strainer touches the bottom of the cup and is surrounded by the tea. It is best not to move the bombilla after this as loose tea leaves can get stuck in the opening of the straw. Now the hot water can be poured into the entire mug. Voilà!

There are many ways to create and prepare these drinks. You just have to experiment and be open to new things. Have fun trying them out!

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