Tipps and tricks for perfect smartphone snapshots

Spring has announced itself with the first rays of sunlight. The perfect time for collecting new pictures for Instagram and co. Here are a couple of tipps on how you can get the best spring snapshots.

Though modern cameras and innovativ functions it still comes down to the personwho selects the motive and perspective. That’s what makes the photographer part of the art. With these tipps you can get that perfect picture.


Exciting natural light is rather rare. Sadly we can’t have a perfect sundown every day. But the right light is a key element to every picture. Even the professionals have troubles shooting on a cloudy day with poor lighting, especially with a smartphone. With a bit of help you can get that mood and the right touch into your motives. LED-panels are a useful tool to make your pictures look like those of the professionals. Alternatively you can use candles, old light bulbs, and colourful lights to give your images an edge. Just be creative!
Quelle: Rhett Wesley / Unsplash

Motive & Composition

The simpler the composition, the more appealing your picture is to its observant. The focus should be on the motive. Don’t clutter the background with irrelevant information. Try different perspectives to create an exciting mood and let your image stand out to standard smartphone photography. Hold the camera at eye-height for portraits. This lets the viewer emotionalise with the motive.


Your smartphone can only zoom digitally. This means that when you zoom you are reducing the size and with it the quality of your image. On larger screens you will notice this as the individual pixels of the picture start to show. To avoid this, simply move your legs and take your shot from closer up – I promise you will be able to see the difference.
Quelle: Alisa Anton / Unsplash

Small handles with big effect

These three other tips are small handles that make a big impact.

  • Always clean the lense first, because small impurities are noticeable on every photo
  • Use both hands to reduce slurring
  • Turn up the image quality and resolution


And now out into the countryside and have fun taking pictures. We are looking forward to your pictures.


Cover source: Jordan McQueen / Unsplash

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