Gin at a glance: The great gin guide!

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Are you looking for knowledge about gin? How is the perfect Gin & Tonic mixed? What are the alternatives to Gin & Tonic? Either way: with the Gin Guide you are perfectly prepared for the next party!

The oldest sources from the middle of the 17th century report of juniper schnapps called Genever. This was the origin of gin as we know it today. The term gin comes from the French “genévrier” and means juniper. It is a mostly colourless spirit with juniper and main component of many cocktails, in particular the Martini as well as the long drink Gin Tonic. It has reached cult status today. In this article we give you the ultimate gin information that will be helpful for the next party.


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It’s Gin o’clock: Mixing the perfect Gin & Tonic

Which gin goes with which tonic? The perfect Gin & Tonic is a science in itself!

• 4 cl Gin
• Tonic Water
• Lemon or lime (depending on taste also herbs and spices)
• Ice cubes

The mixing ratios of gin and tonic water vary from 1:1 to 1:4 depending on the taste. A low drinking temperature and a low melt water release are decisive for the perfect gin and tonic. The drinking cup and tonic water should be precooled for this purpose. The glass can be stored in the refrigerator compartment or cooled with ice cubes. But which Tonic Water fits which Gin?

Dry and light tonic water have a delicate bitter note. Their freshness comes from carbonic acid. These tonics harmonize well with aromatic gins. Tonic Water with a spicy note tastes moderately bitter and is less citrusy. They support the aroma of spicy and herbal gins. The flowery, fruity tonic water with low bitterness harmonizes with the floral gins. Fruity tonics are often very sweet. These tonics dominate the taste and require a strong gin. This also applies to the classic tonics (Indian Tonic Water).


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The best cocktail ideas with gin

Gin can do so much more than just Gin & Tonic! How about a Gin Sour Red? Here the gin gets a red wine float. In White Negroni, Lillet Blanc and a gentian liqueur replace Campari and red wormwood. Super refreshing! Or enjoy a perfect summer drink with fresh basil and lemon juice. As you can see, Gin can do much more than the trendy Gin and Tonic!

And we have some fun facts for you, with which you can definitely score at the next party.

♥Gin and tonic drinkers are less likely to be bitten by mosquitoes because they don’t like juniper oils and quinine.

♥ Gin is not a British but a Dutch invention.

♥ Gin is the most popular cocktail base worldwide.

♥ To be allowed to call oneself Gin, at least 37.5 percent alcohol must be contained.

♥ And our highlight Fun Fact: Gin and tonic drinkers are smarter! Because according to a study, people who prefer bitter drinks have bigger brains.

So let’s drink the gin! Cheers!


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