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Juicing diets, or juice cleanse, is a popular type of diet that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Millennials started this trend, but of course anyone can participate. But it’s not just millennials who swear by this diet. Many celebrities and influencers also promote it. Now the real question is: does it really help?

There are really a lot of trendy diets, but juicing is a fairly new concept. Here you can find the most important information, the answers to your questions and useful clarifications that may not be well-known!


Since juicing is a diet, the main goal is to lose weight. When juicing, there are some rules that need to be followed, so that there is clear success.

People who include juices in their diets, or do the classic juice cures, have been able to see a difference. Not only were they able to lose weight better and faster, other benefits included having more clear, glowing skin and less stress. While juicing, the people also noticed that their digestion improved! For these reasons alone, it is definitely worth trying this method.


Since juicing is a form of dieting, there are some rules that need to be followed. First, it must be determined how long the diet should last – what duration should be aimed for?

Most of the juice diets are no longer than seven days. To determine how long your diet should go, here are some simple guidelines: Am I a beginner and what goals would I like to achieve?

Three days: For beginners, the 3-day detox is a good start. Advantages here are improved digestion and the elimination of unhealthy cravings.

Five days: For people who already have experience with juice cures, this is usually the next step. Many people reported improved sleep patterns. But this can be attributed to the fact that no alcohol or caffeine is drunk during this time.


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Seven days: During the one-week cure, unhealthy habits are combated and the entire body is resetting. The body can be recharged and start over. Thanks to the fruit and vegetables, the juices provide you with vitamin C and antioxidants.



LiveFresh is a company that has been producing functional cold-pressed juices and shots since 2016. Their goal: to make the world a little healthier and more conscious.

A more sustainable and healthier lifestyle – LiveFresh wants to accompany customers on this path.

The Frank Juice

,,For us, fasting is not a trend, but an important part of our philosophy of life”.

That is the motto of The Frank Juice. The company’s short-term fasting programme, with its 6 cold-pressed juices per day, makes the everyday life a bit easier. There is a variety of fruit and vegetable juices and different sets to suit everyone. The freshly pressed juice cure directly to your door.


Kale&Me attaches great importance to regionality and sustainability. Recycling is also very important here, which is why all bottles are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. In addition, the company has been a certified climate-neutral company since 2020!


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However, before you jump into the diet, there are a few facts and points to consider. . The juice diet is a good change from your normal eating habits, but it cannot be done for an extremely long time. This is because the juices have little to no protein intake. Besides the incomplete food intake, the juices also have a high sugar content.

Going on a juice diet once in a while is a good idea to get important vitamins in a short time. But it is not healthy for a long-term period. Nevertheless, juices can always be incorporated into the normal diet so that these nutrients are not missed out.

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