Interior trends you shouldn’t miss this autumn

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Natural autumn looks for your home. In order to bring the cosy autumn atmosphere into your own four walls, this year we are focusing on the neo-nature trend. Subtle, natural colours and raw materials conjure up a warm and cosy home, reminding you of a walk in the colourful forest of leaves and the scent of wet wood. 


Asian minimalism creates a natural feel-good atmosphere in your home. Graphic wooden cutlery, ceramics or mouth-blown in natural materials give the interior an urban touch. Dark walnutwood or light grey shaeds combined with warmer tones of furniture such as cream and ivory, create a relaxing environment in the living room. On the dining table linen servants with plain ceramics harmonise with freshly baked bread and a cup of rose hip tea.


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From cappuccino to mocha, “coffee brown” is the new furnishing trend for autumn. The idea of incorporating brown shades into the interior comes from Scandinavia. What used to be unthinkable is now being realised in wall colours, crockery or home accessories. The toffee tones have the same effect as coffee, they warm optically and make you cheerful.


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Small still lifes on TV tables or sideboards in a natural look should not be missing in autumn. This year the focus will be on little treasurs in brown tones with a natural character. Findings such as branches, simple vases and corals in beige and ivory tones make the neo-nature look perfect in your own four walls. In order to give the whole living room a more curative flair, open illustrated books can serve as an optical highlight.


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With these trends, we bring pure nature combined with elegance home to us. The neo-nature look conjures up a feel-good ambience and stylishly rings in the cool season.


Image source: unsplash/ Kirill Zakharov

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