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Sustainability is a big term these days. For many, however, it initially sounds like a massive restriction in everyday life. But that does not have to be the case. We show you how.

The term sustainability basically refers to the responsible use of natural resources, living creatures and the biosphere. In the meantime, many of these natural resources have already been used up, which makes it all the more important to pay attention to your ecological footprint. In the following blog post, we share our tips that show how easy sustainable consumption can be.

Sustainable consumption of products

Everything begins with consumption. This is particularly often evident when shopping for food and clothing. Here we should question ourselves more often whether we really need it. In the example of food, it often happens that it goes bad and consequently has to be disposed of.

It is advisable to write a shopping list before each visit to the supermarket and to buy only the food that is really missing.

Shopping without harming the environment

But you also encounter all kinds of environmental sins in the supermarket. Far too often, the big food suppliers use all kinds of plastic to keep their products fresh. But there are all kinds of areas where you can take care of the environment when shopping.

One magic word for this is unpackaged stores. Most major cities have several chains where you can buy products like nuts, oatmeal or pasta without packaging. All you need is your own Tupperware. In addition, it’s a good idea to buy fruits and vegetables from regional farmers at nearby weekly markets.

3. examples to become more sustainable

1. Glassstraws

Glass straws are a sustainable alternative for consumers who like to drink their beverages from a straw. Because since July 3, 2021, the sale of plastic straws has been banned in the EU. The law was made due to the high production of the disposable product.

The hip glass straws not only avoid unnecessary plastic waste, but also look really chic. Meanwhile, almost all decoration and home furnishing stores as well as supermarkets offer these essentials.


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2. reusable vegetable net

In the meantime, plastic bags can only be issued in supermarkets for an additional charge. It is all the better to take your own jute bags and vegetable nets with you right now. The net allows a sustainable purchase of unpackaged fruits and vegetables at the weekly market, supermarkets or even in the organic market. The cotton nets are available in many organic markets, drugstores and online. A one-time investment of about 3€ per net is required.

3. solid shampoo

Another way to live more sustainably is to use soap blocks to clean your own body and hair. Not only do you use less plastic in the bathroom, but you also own a product with few chemical ingredients. Instead of being in possession of countless shampoo bottles, it is worth buying a sustainable soap block. This usually replaces two shampoo bottles.

There are different variants that replace shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. To get the soap block to lather properly and use less product, a soap sachet is great. You can get the solid shampoo, as well as the soap sachet, at any drug store or online. The accruing costs for a block are between 5-6 €, this holds for eternities. If necessary, the cost of a soap sachet for 3€ per net is added.


Even though sustainable products are often expensive, they are worth the price. Because through sustainable consumption, we not only protect the earth, but also the future generation. Even small changes towards more sustainability protect the planet.

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