Christmas Outfits – This Is What We Wear On Christmas 2022

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Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to get dressed up again. But what colours and trends are popular this year?

In winter 2022, two opposites collide. On the one hand, bright colours and oversized flower prints are totally on trend. Those who like it even more eye-catching should go for sequins, rhinestones and glitter. True to the motto: the more the merrier. But on the other hand, the trend is moving back towards naturalness. Timeless and versatile colours like beige, white or black exude understated elegance – so perfect for Christmas. For anyone looking for tips for the perfect Christmas outfit, we have collected a few inspirations.


A question that many people ask themselves just before the Christmas holidays. Of course, the first thought goes straight to the “little black dress”, which is timeless and elegant. But that’s over this year. In keeping with the motto “bright colours”, you should shine brightly with the Christmas tree. So how about a bright red dress? If that’s too much for you, you can also incorporate some eye-catching details into your outfit – for example, with the help of a red blazer.

In terms of materials, silk and bouclé are an absolute favourite. Especially with a few glitter details, garments get that certain touch. Skirts and dresses create the perfect Christmas look. Add a blazer for a glamorous wow effect.

A simple red blazer can already help to give a simple outfit more glamour (image source: CECIL).
Combined with a light blouse or a loose jumper, fabric trousers are the perfect outfit for anyone who likes it cosy (Image source: CECIL).

As we already know, it doesn’t necessarily have to be gaudy this year. Subtle colours are just as popular. So if you prefer to spend the holidays relaxing at home with your loved ones, you can go for the cozy Christmas look, which is a mix of elegant and comfortable. To create this look, it only takes a few simple steps. Wide jumpers or cardigans combined with loose fabric trousers quickly create a clean Christmas look. A smart blouse and a light-coloured T-shirt complete the look. To add a little colour to your outfit, you can simply use colourful accessories. In addition, a natural make-up brings that certain glow on the holidays. Delicately emphasised eyes and nude shades round off the outfit perfectly.


Now it’s getting serious – you have a rough outfit in mind, but where is the best place to find it now? Many people dread the thought of going to the city centre in the run-up to Christmas and looking for suitable outfits in the crowded shops. It’s much nicer to sit on the couch at home and browse through the 2022 Christmas trends. Because online there is a huge variety of offers, different patterns and styles. Everyone will find what they are looking for at CECIL and can put together their own outfit according to their individual wishes and is also in line with the absolute fashion trend in 2022.

Source cover image: Pexels / Polina Kovaleva 

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