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As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it should be celebrated accordingly! Whether sweet or savoury – why decide when you can have both! We’ll tell you where in Munich you can expect the whole pampering programme – from a glass of sparkling wine to fancy Asian dishes.

There are numerous addresses in Munich for cosy breakfast fans. We have taken a closer look at the top locations for brunch and have decided on our favourites for the next girls’ brunch!


We start in Lilli-Palmer-Straße, at Café Lilli P. During the week, you can meet here as early as 9 am for a hearty breakfast. The café stands for health, sustainability and environmental awareness – so it tastes even better!

It is extremely important to the team to work with fair-trade products and to be able to serve the visitors an “organic” and healthy meal. That is why the Lilli P has decided to work with regional products to set a good example.

Besides the toasted sandwiches and homemade lemonades – which are worth trying – there is also a great selection for the vegans among you! Bowls and co. can be enjoyed in both vegetarian and vegan versions.


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Madame Anna Ekke offers a wide range of delicacies, especially for the “sweet” ones among you. Fresh pastries, French toasts or pancakes? The choice is yours! You can order the pancakes in different variations – classic pancakes with fruit and maple syrup, with Nutella and bananas or even unusual ones with a poached egg, ham and spinach.

However, those who prefer a lighter breakfast will not miss out, as yoghurt with various toppings is also served.

Friends of a hearty breakfast can look forward to hummus or oriental specialities.

Of course, there is also a standard breakfast with scrambled eggs, omelettes, avocado toasts and sandwiches.

Breakfast is served until 2 p.m. – everything after this time is sold while stocks last.


Emmis Kitchen has been around since 2016. The idea behind it was to open a completely vegan restaurant with the aim of showcasing vegan cuisine in all its diversity and variety, and to show society that being vegan does not have any disadvantages.

In Munich, there is one restaurant each in Glockenbach, Giesing and Schwabing. And now, Augsburg has also been added as a location.

Here, too, we have the usual brunch – but in a vegan way. Coconut Milk Rice with mango sauce and berries, avocado bread with an avoacdo pea cream or perhaps a tofu scramble with smoked tofu, vegan butter and vegetables?


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Das Kadu

,, We are more than just a café – delicious breakfasts, crossover cuisine and cocktails. ”

Now we come to Kadu. Here you get a modern breakfast with diverse crossover cuisine.

In addition to classics like Eggs Benedict and French toasts, there are also fruity dishes – a Berry Bowl made of berries, bananas and granola, a vegan muesli or Greek-style yoghurt. Vegetarians can also breathe a sigh of relief here. There is a meat-free alternative for everything on the menu – often even a vegan one.

At Kadu you can take all the time in the world, as brunch goes until 4pm.


La Bohéme” stands out from other brunch hotspots because of its exclusivity. There are a total of 8 courses, which are delivered directly to your table as a “flying buffet” within three hours. Visitors get the best of the best here.

The 8 course menu is divided into

  • Apéro
  • Where it all begins (classic breakfast with a bread basket, various cheeses and salamis and fish)
  • Energy (yoghurt with fruit and suchlike)
  • Don’t chicken out (various egg dishes)
  • Taking the green route (salads)
  • The Peak (hearty dishes like roast beef, burgers and fried potatoes)
  • Last, but so no least (pancake balls)
  • and something special (crêpes suzettes)


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The Bohéme is one of the more expensive restaurants – this three-hour buffet costs around 89€. But it’s worth every penny.

There are many good spots in Munich that are perfect for brunch. And the good thing is that more and more restaurants are offering a brunch alternative. Have fun discovering and trying out these brunch spots – Bon Appétit!

Source cover image: Unsplash /  Michael Dagonakis

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