Rapidly moving towards sustainability – the ISPO Munich 2020

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One highlight of the ISPO Munich 2020 which is currently taking place is the highly coveted ISPO Award. In addition to categories such as snow sports, outdoor or running, a number of products in the field of sustainability were also honoured. It can be seen particularly clearly that more and more companies are attaching particular importance to ensuring ecologically and socially sustainable production.

When it comes to revolutionary innovations for more performance, quality and design, the sports industry has been a pioneer for many years. But it can also prove itself in terms of sustainability! Sustainability is no longer a trend, but has now established itself in our everyday lives! Nevertheless, it does not just appear overnight. Behind most of the products that were successful at the ISPO Award are decades of development in the areas of sustainable technology, logistics and production.

Whether a back protector made of virgin wool instead of polymers or the first running shoe without plastic and petroleum – the innovations know no limits! Thumbs up, ISPO Munich 2020!


Source cover image: ISPO MUNICH / Frommel fotodesign

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