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Soon the Oktoberfest will begin – O’zapft is! The biggest folk festival in the world will finally take place again after a two-year break due to corona. To make sure you come to the event in style, you can find this year’s trends here! Because the Oktoberfest is definitely more than just partying in the beer tent.

When Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese got married on 12 October 1810, they celebrated for days. The Oktoberfest has been around ever since. However, the festival has developed into something even bigger and is now an international spectacle. Wearing traditional clothes in particular is very popular – both with locals and tourists.

THe dirndl

Some people believe that traditional costume is just the dirndl or the lederhosen, but it also includes the jewellery, the hairstyle and the accessories.

No matter where you look, everyone wears a dirndl. But what is the trend this year? As always, tradition is written large this year, but that doesn’t mean there can be no deviations.

The colours of the dirndls are set for this year: delicate shades! Traditional costumes in colours like sage green or even rosé could often be seen at the Oktoberfest. But earthy colours like dark greens or beige are also trendy at the moment. Not a fan of such colours? According to Eileen Popielaty, stronger colours can also be worn.

The most important materials for this year? Velvet and linen! These fabrics are generally very trendy right now, so you can wear your beloved Dirndl in these fabrics right away.


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An important part of the whole Oktoberfest experience is the right appearance. After all, the festival is only once a year, so you can really go the extra mile. When it comes to Oktoberfest hairstyles, braided hairstyles are by far the most popular. There are different ways to style them depending on the length of your hair.

For short hair, it’s a bit more difficult to find a stylish hairstyle. But some have found good hairstyles here, such as simple baby braids. This is where the 90s and 00s come back. Just take two thin strands of hair from the very front and braid them into a thin plait – voilá!

For medium-length hair, you can easily braid wreaths that go around the head. But boxer braids also look great with this hair length. Another classic is simple waves.

A long side braid is best for long hair. It couldn’t be easier! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the end result can only be great. For this hairstyle you simply have to brush your hair to one side and braid the hair into a plait.

If you’re not a braiding pro, there are of course other hairstyles that can be worn. A hairband is a quick and easy way to round off your outfit. But also bun styles like a half-bun or a messy-bun go perfectly with the traditional attire.

trends for men

Of course we haven’t forgotten the boys! As with women, less is more! That’s why you shouldn’t overdo it here either. For men, for example, there are traditional hats and belts to match trousers and shirts.

And of course, don’t forget the traditional waistcoats. Traditional but still very modern! Especially made of satin and silk, they are very trendy at the moment. This year, shades of blue and grey are way up there. So if the men’s traditional costume of 2019 no longer fits, now is the best opportunity to go to the shop and get a new one.

Traditional hats are one of the favourite accessories. The traditional hat makers use many different wools for this piece. Mostly rabbit or hare wool is used. Of course, the classic braided cord must not be missing.


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The biggest folk festival in the world is finally ready to start again and we can’t wait to hear the first “O’Zapft is”! With our new traditional costume trends, your visit to the Oktoberfest is sure to be a great success – whether it’s on the roller coasters, at the shooting galleries or in the beer tent.

Source cover image: Unsplash / Stephan Seeber

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