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Coffee lovers watch out! Now it’s going crazy. The most important elixir of the morning is now officially pimped. From pink latte to coffee with egg – those new coffee trends 2018 are crazy, wild and definitely not for the faint-hearted!

There are many ways to enjoy your coffee: espresso macchiato, cappuccino, cold brew, frappé, bulletproof coffee or the classic filter coffee. The list of different types of coffee is much longer. It’s no wonder that we’ll choose the coffee we’re used to rather than experimenting with new combinations. On average, we drink two to three cups of coffee a day and most of us love their coffee classically filtered. But given the multitude of coffee specialities, we really should dare to try something new more often. In this article we have compiled the coffee trends that are currently getting to us from North America, Scandinavia and Japan. From pink latte and mushroom coffee to a Vietnamese option combined with an egg – those coffee trends are currently providing the morning kick.


Coffee lovers currently like to brew their favourite drink the Asian way. Two major favourites are Cà phê sữa (đá), coffee with sweet condensed milk and ice cubes, and Cà phê trứng, a Vietnamese espresso with egg. For this unusual combination, simply whip egg yolk, sugar and espresso until frothy and served with or without rum or cognac as dessert. The option with condensed milk captivates with a hint of caramel making it sugar-sweet and is best prepared with Vietnamese coffee filter and served with ice cubes.


Caffeine lovers refer to the so-called “Mushroom Coffee” as a power boost in the morning. In addition to Arabica coffee beans, mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps sinensis or the hedgehog’s goatee are used for this coffee trend. All of them are known as vital or medicinal mushrooms and have a higher proportion of amino acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The powder can be infused and enjoyed in the same way as conventional coffees.


Still in the fast lane: Maca coffee. The tuber from the Andes has been regarded by many as an alternative to morning espresso for a few years now and is always convincing with its three to five times higher dose of caffeine compared to coffee or tea. The guarana contained can also be digested more easily, so that tachycardia or an upset stomach can be prevented.


Instantly providing a good mood both at the breakfast table and in your Instagram feed: the Pink Latte! The recipe is as easy as can be. Fill 10 ml of forest honey into a jar. Then brew an espresso and mix it with the honey. Next, foam milk with 25 ml of beetroot juice, mix it with the epresso and grate a little bite of nutmeg onto the milk foam. Decorate it with a beetroot chip. Et Voilà! The Pink Latte is ready to be served.

Cover source: unsplash / Demi DeHerrera

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