Wanderlust? Create your holiday paradise on the balcony

Finally it’s time again – the first rays of sunshine tickle your nose, freckles sprout and the days get longer. In the evening you can watch a fantastic colour spectacle in the sky as the sun slowly approaches the horizon. In order to really enjoy the sunshine hours, you don’t have to drive so far away…how about a few beautiful summer days on balconies? The favourite holiday resort of many Germans has some surprises in store, especially with our DIY tips, every balcony becomes a holiday paradise. Beautifully prepared and lovingly designed, your terrace will be the perfect feel-good holiday destination.


Water lilies and other water plants are absolutely trendy and yet timelessly beautiful. All you need is a deep, weatherproof container. Fill it with enough water and add your favourite aquatic plants. Let yourself be advised in detail in the garden centre, which water plant needs how much space and above all which care. When a warm summer breeze blows over the balcony, the water curls in the mini pond and the feeling of Lake Garda is not that far away anymore.


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When the day slowly draws to the evening and the glow of the sun turns into city flicker, there is nothing more beautiful than a chain of lights on the balcony. You can sit outside even longer and let the evening fade away in a cosy atmosphere. Add to this a delicious fruit squirt and the summer day is perfect. Meanwhile there is a nice selection of outdoor light chains, which charge themselves with solar energy. Pay attention to quality here, then you will have longer joy with it.


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If you are not such a big chain of lights fan, you can also use candles and lanterns. Especially beautiful are the closed large lanterns in oriental or maritime style. Here you don’t have to constantly make sure that the flame goes out with light wind. In addition, these large lanterns look so beautiful.


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