Fruit Bowls: Start your day healthy!

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We can already taste the summer: with different fruit combinations you can easily and quickly make a healthy and delicious breakfast. Here we have a few inspirations on how to start your day healthy for you.

As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And yet, some abstain or just treat themselves to a coffee to go. But we’ll show you how to make a healthy Fruit Bowl fast and easy. Of course, you’ll get up a quarter of an hour earlier in the morning, but those fifteen minutes are definitely worth it.

The basis of a fruit bowl is its cream. There are several ways to make it. One possibility is the combination of ripe bananas, frozen berries and yogurt or (plant) milk. Furthermore, you can also use mangos, peaches or kiwis for the cream. Let your imagination run wild. Frozen bananas, mangos and peaches give the bowl a particularly fine and firm consistency. Therefore, these fruits are recommended as a basis.


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Then the fun part starts. The topping selection. Again, you can go wild. Everything you like about fruits you can put on top: pomegranate, fig, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, dragon fruit, apples, blueberries and much more …

Even toppings that are not fruits are delicious: experiment with coconut slices, chia seeds, chocolate chips and cocoa nibs. It will be worth it.

A bowl full of vitamins, good fats and essential minerals. Almost too nice to eat … But one thing is certain: it is guaranteed to be a culinary delight!


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